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When you learn how to do this right, you'll be able to add 100's, 1,000's, or even 10, 000's new subscribers to your list, all without spending a dime on advertising.

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Why JV's or Joint Ventures?

Here's why you should use JV's to build, grow and scale your business...

The Only Strategy Where 1+1 = 100's, 1,000's 

There's no other strategy out there where 1+1 = 100's, 1,000's or even 10,000's. Which means, even a single JV promotion can bring you hundreds or even thousands of new subscribers to your list.

Builds Authority Almost Overnight

By virtue of "endorsement" from your JV partner/(s), you instantly build authority in the eyes of their audience. They automatically transfer their trust on them to you!

Somebody Does The Leg Work For You

When you do a JV promotion, somebody is doing the leg work for you. You're tapping into their resources, their list, in this instance, and they're the ones promoting you, like you have an army.

"Marie´s class has helped me really understand exactly what I need to do to prepare for, nurture and grow good joint venture partner relationships. Unlike many programs that teach general principles, Marie´s program goes way beyond that. She gives you extremely precise formulas, schedules, templates and examples, so you know exactly what to do and when. I immediately made a change in my approach to asking affiliates mail for me, based on the class. She has studied all kinds of approaches, and is aware of the latest practices that have been tested and proven to work. She is also a delightful and enthusiastic teacher. Marie has so many innovative ideas - - I highly suggest you sign up for her program!"

Gina Hiatt - Finish Agent

"Joint Ventures are by far, the number strategy I used to grow and build my business. If you´re not using joint ventures to grow your business, you´re missing out big time!"

Rob Goyette - Automated Webinars

Thank you Marie Grace for creating and delivering a top- notch, 5 Star-course on how to get JV-ready and attract JV Partners to promote your business. I really enjoyed this course, because it was no fluff, to the point, clear and so well-structured. I appreciated your total commitment to answer every question and explained each step throughout the program. You totally over-delivered on a course that is worth multiple times more than you offer it for. I highly recommend your course to anybody who wants to up-level their business. You are a true Expert on JV Partnering. Having taken your course has given me the tools to approach future JV partners with confidence.

Angelika Christie - Heroic Self-Love

Not sure how to do a JV promotion?
Welcome to the JV Success Formula Signature Program!

JVSF Basic


497 one time

  • Every video tutorial you'll need
  • Every JV resource & template
  • Access to the private FB Group
  • The JV Launch Checklist
  • Unlimited Email support
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee


197/month to 497/month

(depending on list size)

  • Maximum 12 members per group depending on list size (members take turn to promote each other to their list). 
  • A chance to participate in another list-building strategy
  • Every video tutorial you'll need
  • Every JV resource & template
  • Access to the private FB Group
  • The JV Launch Checklist
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • 2x a month Coaching Calls/Q&A
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee

What's Included in the JV Success Formula Signature Program?

Part 1
Step-Step Video Tutorials

We have step-by-step video tutorials that walk you through every step of your journey to successfully launch a JV promotion, which you'll have full  access to the minute you join the program.

Not sure what kind of affiliate software to use to track your JV/affiliate sales? Don't know what a JV-Packet is? Wondering where to find your best JV promotional partners?

Never done a JV partner launch or promotion before and not sure where to start?

These are just some of the examples that we cover inside our signature program!

Part 2
Resources and Templates

Inside the signature program, you'll have access to all the templates and resources you need in order to launch a successful JV promotion.

We have templates for creating your JV packet, email copy templates, JV/affiliate agreement if you need one, JV invite email templates for reaching out to potential JV partners, etc.

We've also connected with other experts, and tech-savvy people who can help you with any tech related stuff.

We also have a list of all the tech tools and software you need, some with massive discounts for our members only.

Part 3
Twice a month LIVE Calls

How do you like having access to the creator of the program and helping you navigate the whole process?

Nothing is as re-assuring as having someone to guide you in implementing the process. Having the information is good, but having somebody with you holding your hand, guiding you, answering your questions as you implement is one the best way to assure success.

We do LIVE Calls/Q&A's not once, but TWICE every month. These consists of hot seat sessions, question and answer, or could be a presentation with a top JV expert.

Part 4
Community Like No Other

One of the most important aspect of building and growing a business through JV's is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who understand the journey you're on and who can help support you.

When you join the signature program, you'll be surrounded with members who are passionate about joint ventures, and helping support you on your journey.

And what's good is that, some of them, will become your JV promotional partners!

Meet your JV Success Coach

When I did my first JV promotion, I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, and I made a TON of mistakes... and still managed to add almost 2000 people to my email list and filled my calendar with clients! At that point, I knew that strategic relationships were the key to growing my business.

That's when I devoted myself to learning all I could about JV partnerships. In the last 12 months, my knowledge and experience has grown tremendously, and my promotions have improved drastically.

My formula was born out of my desire to help people where I was -- stuck, unsure, and really, really new. I want to share my system with you so you can bypass some of the business obstacles, build your authority and influence and grow your business.

I hope you'll join me inside this training. 

JV´s rock!

With love,
-Marie :-)

Marie Grace Berg
Your JV Success Coach

"Working with Marie Berg has been a true pleasure. First of all, she only delivers top-quality content, resources and programs. That´s why I feel I´m adding significant value to my subscribers when I share her offers. Secondly, she´s extremely organized. Her professionalism and dedication shine through! If you want an amazing JV partner, you´ve got to work with Marie."

Cloris Kylie - Lead Generation Academy

"I knew that JV Promotions was the best way to grow my business." Marie helped me to make it happen. She coached me, given me all the technical help and the confidence to run my own JV promotions. If you want to grow your business, Call Marie now!"

Nina Cooke - Mindset Coach

"I appreciate Marie´s attention to details, making it easy and providing us everything that we need like email templates, cheatsheets, worksheets, detailed drawn sequences, and so much more. Things other experts out there forget/neglect because they´ve forgotten what it feels like to be a beginner. Marie is good at these stuff! I´m lucky to have mentored with her on this program. It´s literally your blueprint for JV Success!"

Chizzy Igbokwe - Career Coach

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