How Would You Like To Have A Product That Makes You Money 24/7, An Automated Marketing Funnel That Gets You Leads Like Clockwork, And An Army Of Affiliates Promoting It, All Without Spending A Dime On Paid Advertising?


The program for entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers, consultants and service-based professionals, who want to build, grow and scale their business by leveraging the power of Joint Venture Relationships.

"Joint Ventures are the fastest and easiest way I know of to grow your list and make money in your business" - Rob Goyette

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This is for you if...

WARNING: You must meet below criteria to be accepted into the program!

  • You are a coach, author, speaker, expert, online marketer, consultant, serviced-based provider who has value to offer your clients and customers.
  • You have a system or a process that you help people transform their lives, their health, their finances, their happiness. In other words, you´ve got to have something that helps people!
  • You´re cash-trapped and don´t have money to spend on paid advertising, or money to hire somebody to do paid advertising for you.
  • You´re tired of not having consistent flow of leads, clients and cash flow for your business and you want that consistent income month after month.

This is not for you if...

WARNING: You must not be one of the following to be accepted into the program!

  • You´re just looking for knowledge, and are not going to implement. In other words, if you´re a consistent non action-taker, this is not for you nor a place for you!
  • You´re not coachable and not willing to put in the time, the energy and the resources needed to bring forth success!
  • You´re a whiner, a tire-kicker or a time-sucker!
  • You´re the type of person who simply don´t follow through!

Here´s some of the INSANE benefits when you join the JV Success Formula Masterclass! 

At the end of the program, you will have created a product that makea you money 24/7, an automated marketing funnel that gets you leads like clockwork, and an army of affiliates promoting it, all without spending a dime on paid advertising!

Have An Irresistible Product/Program To Sell

You will finally have a product/program to sell and packaged so that you can sell this over and over again, 24/7. You will also have created a system or a process to deliver your program with ease and fun.

Have Irresistible Lead Magnets To Attract Customers 

You will have all your lead magnets created ready to attract your ideal prospects and customers - ideally one PDF Guide, a value-laden video series and a webinar script to sell your products/programs.

Have Irresistible Landing Pages To Send Traffic To

You will have all your landing pages built including all the elements for highly converting landing pages. You will also be able to connect and integrate them to your email autoresponder series as well as  to your webinar service provider.

Have Email Swipe Copy Written & Ready To Go

You will have JV email swipe copy written and ready to send to your JV partners. You will also have a JV packet - that includes the email swipes, social media posts and graphics, blog post/article, press releases - everything your JV partners need.

Have Affiliate Program Set Up To Manage Your JVs/Affiliates

You will have your affiliate system/program set up and ready to sign up new affiliates and partners. You will also have a dedicated affiliate partner portal with everything they need to share your program/product to ther list.

Have JV Partners Eager To Promote Your Programs

You will be able to identify who your dieal JV partners are who have your target audience, how to connect with them and get them to say yes to promoting you. You will walk away with at least 2 JV partners ready to promote you to their list and share your message to their community. 

Have A Launch Plan For Your JV Promotion

You will have  a JV launch promotion planned and scheduled detailing every step of the way to ensure a smooth and wildly successful launch. Nothing is left to chance. You will also have a strategy to keep your JV partners engaged and promoting the whole time during the launch.

Have A System To Deliver "Wow" Experience To Your New Customers

You will have a system to not only deliver the value you promised to yoru new customers, but also to deliver a "wow experience" that will make them a raving fan for life!

Have Nurturing Strategy For Your New List & JV Partners

You´ll have a nurturing sequence to continue building relationship to your new JV list so they continue to buy from you again and again. You will also have strategies in place to nurture your new JV partners so they continue to promote you over and over again.

You can get in on the JV SUCCESS FORMULA LIVE MASTERCLASS now for just...

1 payment of $1997 (or choose payment option) 

Here´s What´s Included

NOTE: The masterclass is taught and delivered LIVE, with recordings that you can access for LIFE inside the exclusive private members area...


It all boils down to this. Your OFFER is key to your conversion. A crappy product won´t sell even if you´r eht best marketer out there. In this session, you´ll learn how to craft offers that your audience truly wants - one that solves their pain - and transform their lives. You´ll also learn how to be able to create them fast while being paid for it.


Freebies or "Bribes". To make a great first impression to your potential customer, you need something of value to establish that know-like-trust factor. In this session, you´ll learn what types of lead magnets to create based on where your leads are coming from, plus how to create them in a fast, easy and fun way.


You´ve got to have a way to send people to. In this session, you´ll learn what types of landing pages you need, how to build them, what software to use, etc. When you have this in place, you have something working for you 24hrs bringing in leads and customers


Track your JV partner´s activity. This is a crucial aspect when it comes to doing JV promotions. In this session, you´ll learn not only how to set up your affiliate system - the tech stuff - getting the affiliate links for your JVs, setting the commissions, etc, but also how to manage your JVs during the promotion.


Make it "sing with ease" for your JV partners. One of the best way to make it easy for your JV partners to promote you is to provide them with everything they need, so that all they have to do is this - copy -paste -send! In this session, you´ll learn how to create what we called the "JV Packet", which consists of JV email swipes, social media graphics and posts, articles, press releases, etc.


Who holds the key. Finding JV partners is not by luck. There´s a process that you need to follow to get them to say "YES" to promoting you. In this session, you´ll learn how to identify the right JV partner with the right audience, find where they are, connect with them over the phone and get them to say yes!


Where the MONEY is. Nothing happens until you launch that promotion. Period! In this session, you´ll learn how to do a JV promotion that´s easy, fun and profitable for you. Hint: There are gazillion ways to do a launch, but this ONE technique is particularly very attractive, easy to do and profitable month after month.

BONUS TRAINING: One of the most neglected part of this whole process, is knowing how to NURTURE your new list and JV partners. In this bonus training, you´ll learn not only how to deliver a "WOW Experience" to your new subscribers but also how to nurture them in the long run so they continue to buy from you over and over and over again. You´ll also learn how to continue building relationship with your new-found JV partners so they are more likely to promote you again... and again!

NOTE: These LIVE MASTERCLASSES, is not an information-only course. These are LIVE implementation workshops, where you apply what you learn right on the spot. Speed of implementation is critical and we want you to get things done right there in the class!

Call Marie Now!

"I knew that JV Promotions was the best way to grow my business." Marie helped me to make it happen. She coached me, given me all the technical help and the confidence to run my own JV promotions. If you want to grow your business, Call Marie now!"

Nina Cooke, Mindset Coach

Marie´s program helped me understand JV partnerships! 

"Marie´s class has helped me really understand exactly what I need to do to prepare for, nurture and grow good joint venture partner relationships. Unlike many programs that teach general principles, Marie´s program goes way beyond that. She gives you extremely precise formulas, schedules, templates and examples, so you knwo exactly what to do and when. I immediately made a change in my approach to asking affiliates mail for me, based on the class. She has studied all kinds of approaches, and is aware of the latest practices that have been tested and proven to work. She is also a delightful and enthusiastic teacher. Marie has so many innovative ideas - - I highly suggest you sign up for her program!"

Gina Hiatt, Finish Agent

The way I see it, you have two options...

#1 You go figure this out yourself spending hours upon hours of useless time - time you don´t have -


#2 You invest in the program and get the mentoring, the support , accountability and the community that will enable you to succeed in ways you never thought possible, if you do it on your own. Your choice!


NOTE: The masterclasses are taught and delivered LIVE. You´ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the recordings inside the exclusive private members area.


Don´t have any products created yet? Don´t worry, in this bonus masterclass, we´re going to help you create your product or program and make it irresistible to your potential JV partners, so they´re eager to promote it.


No connections? Fear not! In this bonus masterclass, you are going to learn how to identify your ideal Jv partners, where to find them and how to ge them to say "YES" to promoting you!


First time doing a JV/affiliate promotion? No worries! in this bonus masterclass, you´re going to learn the ins and outs of managing an affiliate/JV promotion from the tech stuff to getting your JV´s actively promoting, to doing leaderboards, prizes, paying out commissions, etc.


Not a copywriter? Don´t sweat it! In this bonus masterclass, you´re going to learn how to write irresistible email copy that your JV partners can´t wait to send out to their list. A must skill!


Want to learn from other JV experts? Over 60 JV experts will share with you everything you need to know about JV relationships, JV promotion, JV tech stuff and more from the recent wildly successful JV Success Summit.


Want to learn how to package your knowledge and expertise into online courses? Over 50 Course Experts will share with you their knowledge and expertise on how to package your know-how, your skills, your passion into online courses ready for JV partners to promote from the recent wildly successful Teach and Profit Summit.


Last but not the least... We all know that support and accountability is vital to success. That´s why we have an exclusive private community inside Facebook where you can connect with other action-takers and JV rockstars. Priceless!

NOTE: These rockstar bonuses alone are worth 10x your investement for the program alone!

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

We stand by everything we offer. If by any chance you felt not satisfied with the program, or you don´t find it valuable, you´ve our awesome 30-days no questions asked money back guarantee!

You´ve got to work with Marie! 

"Working with Marie Berg has been a true pleasure. First of all, she only delivers top-quality content, resources and programs. That´s why I feel I´m adding significant value to my subscribers when I share her offers. Secondly, she´s extremely organized. he rprofessionalism and dedicaiton shine through! If you want an amazing JV partner, you´ve got to work with Marie."

Cloris Kylie, Lead Generation Academy

Marie´s program is exceptional!

"It has been a joy working with Marie and going through the program. It´s exceptional! What I love most about it is that, Marie gives attention to details as well as give all of herself to teaching us everything that we need to know about using JVs. She definitely knows her stuff and her passion on this topic shines through. "

Angelika Christie, Heroic Self-Love

Love all the templates!

"I appreciate Marie´s attention to details, making it easy and providing us everything that we need like email templates, cheatsheets, worksheets, detailed drawn sequences, and so much more. Things other experts out there forget/neglect because they´ve forgotten what it feels like to be a beginner. Marie is good at these stuff! I´m lucky to have mentored with her on this program. It´s literally your blueprint for JV Success!"

Chizzy Igbokwe, International Career Mastery


When I did my first launch, I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, and I made a TON of mistakes... and still managed to add almost 2000 people to my email list! At that point, I knew that JV partnerships were the key to growing my business.

If I could put a promo together with NO experience, NO real contacts, NO real plan, and still add thousands of people to my audience, then just imagine what I could do if I did it "right?" That's when I devoted myself to learning all I could about JV partnerships. In the last 12 months, my knowledge and experience has grown tremendously, and my JV promotions have improved drastically.

The JV Success Formula was born out of my desire to help people where I was -- stuck, unsure, and really, really new. I want to teach you EXACTLY what to do so you can take advantage of this amazing strategy for building your audience, authority, influence, and revenue, so you won't have to guess, figure it out on your own, or waste your most valuable asset - your time.

I hope you'll join me inside the JV Success Formula online program so I can help you create the business and lifestyle you dream of :-)


With love, Marie :-)


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What if I can´t attend the sessions live? Will there be a recording available?

How much time do I need to go through the program?

Can you guarantee that I succeed by buying the program?

What are some examples of what I can expect to accomplish with the program?

Do you offer a payment plan?

How much time do I need to go through the program?

Do I need to be a techie person?

How do I get help if I need one?

You can get in on the JV SUCCESS FORMULA LIVE MASTERCLASS now for just...

1 payment of $1997 (or choose payment option) 

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

We stand by everything we offer. If by any chance you felt not satisfied with the program, or you don´t find it valuable, you´ve our awesome 30-days no questions asked money back guarantee!